Monday, February 28, 2011


Dear folks,
We're having some issues with our online-shop server at the moment. Our host is trying to fix it as fast as possible, so it should work properly again in the next few days! If you want to order some stuff in the meantime, write a mail to

Soon available on Sums Shop:
Antillectual - Start From Scratch - CD/LP (incl. CD)
Dead To Me - Wait For It - 7inch
After The Fall - Eradication - LP (incl. CD)
The Real Danger - Making Enemies - LP
Plain Zest - We Hungry - CD
Plain Zest - TRSH - CD
Stand Fast - Challenges EP - CD
Stand Fast - Know Yourself In Things You Hate - CD
The Twisted Minds - Airchitects - CD
Mighty Midgets - Raising Ruins For The Future - CD
This Is A Standoff - Be Excited - CD
Fist Of Fate - Blackrain - CD
...and many more to be announced soon!