13.12.2013 Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Face The Front (Farewell Show), Überyou, Casually Dressed (DE)

27.09.2013 Sedel, Luzern
w/Hot Damn (UK), Casually Dressed (DE), Face The Front, Tea Time

21.04.2013 Sedel, Luzern
w/Torches To Triggers (CAN), The Static Age (USA), Pebble In The Patten

04.04.2013 Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Antillectual (NL), Smile and Burn (DE), The Scouts

08.03.2013 Sedel, Luzern
w/The Hunters (CAN), Face The Front, Tea Time

11.01.2013 Sedel, Luzern
w/A River Crossing, Archers and Arrows, Guns Love Stories, Downless

10.05.2012 Treibhaus, Luzern
w/This Town Needs Guns (UK), Mutiny On The Bounty (LUX), A River Crossing

08.04.2012 Sedel, Luzern
w/Lasting Traces (DE), Face The Front, Rabbit Lesson, Cancel The Sky

30.11.2011 Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Title Fight (USA), Balance And Composure (USA), Transit (USA)

24.03.2011 Sommercasino, Basel
w/Antillectual (NL), Lasting Traces (DE), Amygdala

07.01.2011 Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Black The Color, Turning Cold, Sickret, The Toads

01.10.2010 Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Dead To Me (USA), Face The Front, Archers and Arrows, Your All Time Favourites

11.09.2010 Metzgerhalle, Luzern
w/Mike Scott (UK), Same Old Steve (UK), Crappy Fab

10.07.2010 Showcase / Schüür, Luzern
w/Le Baron Vampire, The Sound Rebellion, Face The Front

19.03.2010 Swiss Punk Invasion / Treibhaus, Luzern
w/The Nutcutters, Your All Time Favourites, All In Vain 

08.10.2009 Werk21, Zürich
w/Antillectual (NL), After The Fall (USA)

17.06.2009 Luzern Punk Festival / Schüür, Luzern
w/Face The Front, Seed Of Pain, Play To Destroy, Tight Finks

11.06.2009 Bar59, Luzern
w/The Dreadnoughts (CAN), 
Car Drive Anthem, Empty Fridge

22.05.2009 Keep It Brutal Feast / Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Breakdown Of Sanity, Several Minutes Later, The Sound Rebellion, Impure Wilhelmina, Set The Destroyer 

30.04.2009 Punkrock Riot / Bar59, Luzern
w/Face The Front, Argetti (IT), The Toads 

07.03.2009 Impact Festival / Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Hateful Monday, Nofnog, Atomic Shelters, Judges, Empty Fridge 

06.03.2009 Impact Festival / Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Within Walls (AT), Black Hill, Mimicry, The Coming Fall, Unveil 

06.01.2009 Werk21, Zürich
w/Rush’n Attack (NL), The Droogs 

26.09.2008 Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Seed Of Pain, Storm and Stress (DE), Deal With It (UK), New Morality (NL)

16.09.2008 Werk21, Zürich
Berlin (USA), Antillectual (NL)

01.06.2008 Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Cancer Bats (CAN), Set The Destroyer, Escape From Sickness 

19.04.2008 Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Krank, Atomic Shelters, Play To Destroy 

22.03.2008 Luzern Punk City / Schüür, Luzern
w/Möped Lads, Face The Front, The Scouts, Empty Fridge, Paranoid Mind 

26.01.2008 Impact Festival / Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Slimboy, Grannysmith, Grand Bastard Deluxe, Face The Front 

25.01.2008 Impact Festival / Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Solid Ground, Despise, Fall Apart, Seed Of Pain

27.11.2007 Club Hey, Zürich
w/Cloris, Face The Front, Think 

26.05.2007 Treibhaus, Luzern
New Hope (DE), Descend To Rise (DE), Never Back Down (DE), Razorblade 

03.02.2007 Impact Festival / Treibhaus, Luzern
w/Norman Die, Fallen Century, The Nutcutters, Goodbye
Fairbanks, Grannysmith